Saturday, March 26, 2005

eDM: 326 Routes in Taiwan

eMail this flyer to your friends!!


Troupe 1: Protecting Democracy

(3.8 KM)

Chong Shan Soccer Stadium, Intersection of Yumen Street and Ming Quan West Rd. (Yuanshan MRT Station)→ Yumen Street→Ming Chuan West Road→Zhong Shan South Road→Ketagalan Boulevard.

Troupe 2:Love Democracy

(3.5 KM)

Taiping Elementary School Chong Qing North Rd. →Chong Qing North Rd. Section 2 Chong Qing South Rd.→Xiang Yang St.→Gong Yuan Rd.→Ketagalan Boulevard

Troupe 3:Love Freedom

(4.7 KM)

Rong Xing Park (stage is located on Ming Quan East Road, Rong Xing Park’s Ceramic Wall→Ming Quan East Rd. Section 3→Jian Guo North Rd. Section 2 and 1→Lin Shen North Rd. and South Rd.→Renai Rd. Section 1→Ketagalan Boulevard.

Troupe 4:Love Unity

(3.7 KM)

Ming Sheng East Rd. Section 2 (former DPP 2004 Campaign Headquarters)→Jian Guo North Rd. Section 2 →Song Jiang Rd. Xing Shen South Rd. Section 1 →Renai Rd. Section 2 and 1 →Ketagalan Boulevard

Troupe 5:Anti-Annexation

(4.6 KM)

Dunhua Elementary School→Bade Rd. Section 2 and Section 1→Zhong Xiao East Rd. Section 1 →Zhao Xin South St.→Renai Rd. Section 1→Ketagalan Boulevard

Troupe 6:Anti-Missiles

(4.7 KM)

Song Shan Tobacco Factory (in front of the Living Mall) →Chong Hsiao East Rd. Section 4 and 3→ Jian Guo South Rd. Section 1→Renai Rd. Section 3, 2 and 1→Ketagalan Boulevard

Troupe 7:Anti-Invasion


Da-An Park (Jiang Guo South Road)
→Jiang Guo Sotuh Rd and Heping East Rd. Section 2 and 1 →Jing Shan South Rd. Section 2 →Ai Guo East Rd.→Hanzhou South Rd. Section 2→Hsinyi Rd. Section 1→Ketagalan Boulevard

Troupe 8:Anti-Threats

(3.4 KM)

National Taiwan University, Xin Sheng South Rd. Section 3→Xing Shen South Rd. Section 3→Hsinhai Rd. →Roosevelt Rd. Section 3, 2 and 1→Zhong Shan South Rd.→Ketagalan Boulevard

Troupe 9:Protecting the Homeland

(3.9 KM)

Protecting the HomelandMong Jia Boulevard→Heping West Road Section 2 and 1→ Roosevelt Road Section 1 →Zhong Shan South Rd.→Ketagalan Boulevard

Troupe 10:Protect Taiwan

(4.8 KM)

Sanchong→Chong Xing Bridge→Cheng Du Rd.→Kang Ding Rd.→Han Kou St. Section 2→Zhong Hua Rd. Section 1→Zhong Xiao West Rd. →Gong Yuan Rd. →Ketagalan Boulevard


At 11:53 PM, Anonymous Jake said...

Thanks ever so much for providing this information in a bilingual format!

We'll be marching along with our brothers and sisters on Route #8 - the "Anti-threats"

Peace to all. Stand up if you support Taiwan. Roll on 326!

At 5:05 PM, Blogger Tim Maddog said...

Please don't let this blog fade away!

How about posting some pictures from the event? I'm tired of the media's lies about the "low" turnout.

Go read what I wrote on my blog about "The day after 326" in addition to the more recent posts about the KMT's trip to China.

Keep up the fight. We are surrounded by enemies of democracy!

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