Thursday, March 24, 2005

SMS Peace to Your Friends!!

Another way to tell your friends to join us!
SMS your friends, tell them "We Shall Overcome!"

for ex. On 3.26. Let's march for DEMOCRACY and PEACE to protect Taiwan. To against China's “Anti-Secession Law”, TAIWAN needs your HELP to voice our LOVE for Peace and Democracy. Thank you! xxx

或, 反分裂法,就是侵略法。3月26日百萬人民站出來,支持民主台灣、反對霸權中國,反對中國侵略,捍衛國家主權!

oder, Am 3.26. marschieren wir für Taiwans DEMOKRATIE und FRIEDEN. Gegen Chinas “Anti-Seperationsgesetz” braucht TAIWAN eure HILFE. Sprechen bitte mit us für die Demokratie, Frienden, und Liebe aus.

Ou, Le 26 mars, une manifestation pour Taiwan démocratique et pacifique, la lutte contre la "loi antisécession" de la Chine populaire, Taiwan a besoin de votre participation afin de vous éxprimer vos soutients pour la paix et la démocratie.


At 2:15 AM, Blogger STOP_George said...

Hey everyone (who understands English):

They are accepting donations for the 326 protest (to help out with the cost of everything).

So far, (2:12am) they are close to 8,000,000 NT$.

I donated $1000 NT. They seemed surprised that a foreigner was chipping in. I encourage other fellow ex-pats to do the same!!!

The phone number is:

02-2570-8080 (It's on Taiwan T.V. too)

At 5:55 PM, Blogger Feiren said...

Hello there:

If you would like to march with other international resident, please join us on Route 8. We will meet up at National Taiwan Normal University at about 1:00 PM at the NTU side gate (tai2da ce4men2) on Xinsheng S. Road. If it's too crowded, meet inside by the basketball courts. For more discussion and contact info, please see the following thread in the Taiwan Politics Forum on

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