Friday, March 17, 2006

0318「護民主 反併吞」大遊行共同宣言 0318 Parade「Protect Democracy, Stand Against Forceful Annexation」

世界都在看 The Whole World Watches
民主台灣對抗極權中國 Taiwan's Democracy Against China's Totalitarianism
世界が注目している 民主台湾は独裁中国に対抗する





In the 20th century, the world saw itself entering into the third wave of democracy, becoming the new collective value of humanity. Taiwan has experienced: abolishing political party dominance; establishing freedom of press; completely re-electing the legislative body; the people voting in presidential elections; the passing of the Referendum Law and the people voting on the first national referendum; and the cease to function of the National Unification Council and the Guidelines for National Unification. Taiwan is a model of democracy, and the 23 million people of Taiwan have now the right to determine their own future!

On the contrary, China's government is not following this democratic tide, generating internal bloodstained repression, grasping a last-ditch effort onto sole power by the Communist party, cruelly oppressing human rights, and shutting down press and religious freedom. Furthermore, with 800 missiles targeted at Taiwan, they are inspiring fear into the Taiwanese people, compressing with their hegemonic power Taiwan's international space, and instituting the Anti-Secession Law to unilaterally change the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. This form of authoritarian actions cannot represent the people of China, and by saying that "Taiwan is a part of China", is filling the whole sky with lies.

Democracy is the long-term principle for peace in the Taiwan Strait. We wish to take the initiative in organizing the parade "Protect Democracy and Stand against Forceful Annexation". The main objective of this parade is to say to China and for the whole world to hear that the people of Taiwan persist in democracy, refuses to be coerced, and is determined to preserve freedom. It doesn't involve contention between political parties or to incite a dispute between the issues of "unification" or "independence".

We ask all the people of Taiwan to stand with us, March 18, as the whole world watches!






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